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All LED Lighting Systems are Not The Same

Impressive long-life technology makes LED lighting systems a long-term investment. While lasting significantly longer than fluorescent products and up to 60 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting, LED lighting solutions offer tremendous energy and maintenance savings that easily justify their higher upfront cost. For this reason, LED lighting solutions are being widely adopted in retail, office, warehouse, street lights or roadway and outdoor lighting applications.

Five Important Questions

High Bay

LED High Bay lights are designed for optimal performance in high ceiling and open space applications.


Architectural Lighting, Wall Wash, Area Lighting, Canopy, Spot Lighting, Low Bay, Garden, Parking lot, Indoor and outdoor applications, Tunnel Lighting.


LED Fluorescent Lighting.


LED Downlights.

LED Street Lights

LED lights is the ideal solution for street and roadway lighting due to their long life, directional light, uniform brightness and illumination. They are dark sky friendly, eliminating stray light and reducing overall light pollution.

Petrol Stations

LED light fixtures are ideal for your canopy, in your car wash and around your site. When you install  lighting solution, you’ll get significantly increased lighting performance while reducing your energy usage up to 70% with virtually no maintenance.

High Mast

High Mast LED luminaires are extremely lightweight designed products targeting both the replacement and new construction for high mast applications. The product focuses on providing excellent visibility with an LED light source that results in long system life and excellent uniformity.