ICR Lighting Systems

Industrial Commercial Retail LED Lighting Systems

ICR Lighting Systems is a privately owned Australian company. Founded by Kim Khun, was involved in the research and development of energy efficient lighting products since 2007. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Europe in researching and developing high quality LED lighting products. Kim speaks 7 languages and this has assisted him in building strong business ties with the very best designers and manufacturers of LED lighting from countries such as Japan, Germany, China and Taiwan.

With a continuous commitment to achieve perfection the company’s extensive range of LED lighting is recognized both internationally and in Australia by the respective governing bodies.

ICR Lighting Systems is committed to assisting Australian businesses in reducing their carbon footprint by converting to energy efficient lighting products and at the same time helping them to reduce overhead expenses through significant reduction in electricity costs.

We can arrange an initial energy audit with respect to lighting costs for your business and provide a suitable solution which will ensure all lighting requirements are met.

The cost savings in using our energy efficient lighting products ensures that the capital cost can usually be recovered in a relatively short period of time. We can also arrange funding for our lighting products and installation costs and in the majority of cases the business will have a positive cash flow after funding costs are met with no upfront capital outlay.

The majority of our products are sold with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and we can also arrange extended warranty on a number of our products.

ICR Lighting Systems has a policy of maintaining good customer relations and after sales service is a high priority for the company. The company also strives to be at the forefront of the industry in order to provide products with the best available technology and components available.