120W Millet High Bay LED


Ⅰ. Introduction


High quality die-cast Aluminum heat sink, and durable powder painting surface treatment, giving out high long term reliable performance. Together with high efficiency midpower LED light source and high performance driver, this product values each dollar investment in the industrial lighting areas.



Suitable for Warehouses, Production and logistics workshops, Retail stores, Theme restaurants, Amusement parks, Indoor stadiums and public places, and other industrial and commercial lighting purposes.



* Offer 140 lm/W lumen performance, available in multiple wattages.

* High performance thermal management design ensuring low LED junction temperature.

* Easy installation and maintenance, dust prevention, longer lifetime with high lumen maintenance.

* Energy savings, no UV and IR radiations, emits low heat.



1、120W LED Millet Highbay Light Main Parameters:

Input Voltage 90-305 VAC, 50/60 Hz
LED Light Source Philips Lumileds Luxeon 3030 LED/Nichal 3030
LED Qty 168 pcs
LED Power 120W
LED Beam Angle 120°(60°/90°)
LED Luminous Efficacy 140-150 lm /W
Luminaire Initial Luminous Flux 16200 Lm
Average Illuminance

(120 degree)

4M 88 lux
6M 40 lux
8M 24 lux
Illuminance Area

(120 degree)

4M 1250 cm diameter
6M 1875 cm diameter
8M 2500 cm diameter
Color Temperature 4000-6500K
Color Rendering Index Minimum 80
Light Distribution Symmetric Circular Spread
LED Junction Temperature ≤75℃ (@ Ta=25℃)
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ 50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +65℃(Best 25℃)
IP Rating IP65
Net weight 4.1 Kg
Life-span >50000H
Power Cord 1.0mm2 triple shield wire
Connecting Wire


Brown L  live
Blue N  Neutral
Yellow/Green G  Earth
Certificate CE ; RoHS ; UL (Power supply only)
Light Fixture Color Black

2、 Product Dimension & Photometric Distribution:


Ⅲ.Installation Guideline

Please read carefully before using the Manual, keep it with caution to prepare for anxious using.


1. Examine product carefully after open the carton. If it’s damaged, please contact with us.

2. Only the original lamp’s same type LED control device can be used.

3. Make sure the power supply have been cut off before maintenance or installation the lamp. Only confirmed the power cord is properly installed, the power can be turn on.

4. Make sure there is good ventilation environment around the lamp. Don’t use it against of any fire regulation.

5. Don’t installed the lamp on damage-easily and distortion-easily suspension device.

6. After installed the lamp, please check the cantilever nut whether fully tightened or not, in particular check the cantilever load-caring capacity.

7. Don’t use the lamp under too higher or too lower voltage condition, due to have a bad influence on lifespan.

8. Don’t use the lamp under too higher or too lower voltage condition, it will be influence the lifespan.

9. Under no circumstances, can the lamp be covered with heat insulation gasket or other similar materials.

10. Must turn off the power before wipe clean it with a damp cloth. Please noted don’t put the product into water directly or dismantling it.


Ⅳ.Installation Instruction


Ⅴ.Maintenance / Repairing Instructions:


1、Make sure the power has been turned off before maintenance or repairing.

2、Clean the cover regularly to maintain high transmission of light.

3、Clean up the dust from the cover and heatsink regularly to keep sound heat dispersion.

4、Be careful not to use water or corrosive solution for cleaning, preferably with a dry cloth.

5、 When install or replace power supply, directly open the back cover with a screwdriver, then remove the power supply.


Ⅵ. Packing Size and Weight